I'm just not built for heat

Friday, August 16, 2013

Ok, I give.

I've tried looking cool in the midst of the heat, but this humidity is doing me in. At least in my line of work.

Sweating when I'm meeting with people. It ain't pretty. Doesn't build confidence in my abilities when we sit there in pools of our own sweat to talk of life.

Drops of sweat running down my neck while trying to study or read.

You get the idea. Too hot to eat. Too hot to sleep. Makes people cranky, poor communicators.

If we could all just agree that we are going to sweat here, it could be ok. Like when I took my classwork in Chicago in the middle of the hot humid summers. Sweat, big sweat was to be expected. And we'd all be in it together. We'd all suffer the embarrassment of leaking all over the place. And we were wet.

But here we fight it.

I can't go to visits or meetings here in my speedos and wifebeater. So I am warm, and I sweat.

And it's getting old.

I know, in two months we'll be in snow. But that doesn't help me feel any cooler today, try as I may.

You can just disregard this post. I'm just wining a bit.

It'll all be gone soon enough.

Really it will.


  1. sorry, I can't get past the speeedo and wife beater image !!

  2. You need to move to the west coast. No cold winters, no hot summers, simply mountains and ocean and perfection (and some rain).

  3. I know it.
    Maybe that's why so many older people move out there.

    And yeah Gaylene, I don't know if that's as pretty a picture as one of me sweating from just sitting and listening to a person.

  4. I guess as long as you can still see the speedo, its a good thing ! :)


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