Some days I live in a park.

Thursday, August 08, 2013
A beautiful morning here in The Field

Today is a high of 16C out there. It's a bit blustery and rain coming and going.
I know it's strange but I love these days. They make me feel alive. Perfect for hot tea and long sleeves and working in my office.

I need to head out for visits this afternoon, but for now I'm enjoying my tea and doing prep work for a Contemplative Retreat I'm leading next month

Come if you can.

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  1. We've been getting cooler here too recently, and I commented to Chris that it felt like an early September morning on Friday. That changed later, and I slightly regretted the jeans I wore to work instead of shorts like I had the last 4 weeks. Nice that it's not so oppressive though, and less sticky feeling.

    And the lab aircon is keeping it down to around 23'C (even when it's set for 17).


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