Turning 50

Tuesday, August 06, 2013
Me I think it's fair to say that I've never ever been as old as I am right now.
And now that I am fifty, that's never been truer.

I do remember when I was six years old, thinking what it would be like when I was forty. I saw myself as a man with a family and work and a place to live and those kinds of things. I never thought about what it would be like when I turned fifty. So I sort of feel like this is new ground. Unchartered, if you will.

Yesterday was a good day. A simple sort of a day. No big parties, no big deals.

I took the morning as I wanted to do at 50, in retreat. I spent the time with God and we reviewed my life so far. It was good. He gave me some gifts and reminders of his love.

We looked ahead too and he reminded me of the potential of my work and opportunities with him. There is so much room to see this world changed when Christ is in the picture and given room to work.

It was a great few hours, a highlight to the day.

I enjoyed a nap in the afternoon and then played on my radio a while. Lauralea made a great turkey supper (Favourite!) and then we at Angel Food Cake with fresh rasberries.

Gifts and letters and cards were opened and I know that I am loved, even at 50. My sister and my mom called and we wound down the night watching The Hobbit.

Like I said, a good day. Graced even.

So now we are into another number for ten years. It will be fun to see where these ten end up.
The fun part is that I don't have much of an idea where they go physically, but spiritually it's going to be interesting.

As we enter this part of life my goal is to start to end well, and not lose my way after all these years. Not to get lazy or lost. Not to lose my passions or love for my family or God. Sometimes this is a challenge, but this is my goal.

So that was 50 then.
Not bad at all.


  1. Glad you had a great birthday.

    How do you organise it, so that people do stuff you like, rather than you doing stuff for them? It's not that my family don't love me, but somehow I end up being bottom of the pile. Maybe I need to be pro-active about things.


  2. I think it's the one day, aside from Father's Day, that I feel like I can do whatever I want to do, and do it guilt free.

    I did have to communicate my wishes and plans and I'm not always good at doing that in time. But Lauralea usually encourages me to get on with it and have a great day. So what happens is that the build up to my day is often better than the day itself. :)


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