Come and join us for retreat.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

"The Gospels reveal the clear pattern in the life of Jesus where He retreated regularly to the wilderness or desert or lonely place, in order to sustain a contemplative life and intimacy with his father. Withdrawing to a quiet place was His rhythm. In our lives, contemplative retreats are about listening and waiting for God and rediscovering stillness and making room for those habits in the rhythm of our lives.
We offer you this retreat as a gift. To withdraw, to Sabbath, to rest. To listen and receive what God may be wanting to offer you.
We will include times of silence and solitude as well as opportunities to explore spiritual disciplines for yourself. Simple corporate worship will also be a part of the rhythm of each day and a Spiritual Director will be available should you desire to talk with one.
We invite you to come and withdraw from the rush of the world.
Come and retreat."

See you there.

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