There is a disturbance in the force field today

Friday, September 06, 2013
As I look out my office window high atop my castle this morning, I can see for feet and feet and feet.

Rain Day in the Field

It's bleak out there and it's bleak in here too.
It feels heavy, the sort of heavy that takes the joy out of what I do.

The interesting thing about shepherding a church is that it's a group of mostly human beings who are not yet perfect, so when we sin, we effect people all around us.

Well, people have been people, and people have made choices for themselves, rather than making choices with the consideration of others.
My work today, in part, is to help those effected by other peoples unwise choices.
And if there is room, to speak into the lives of those making those decisions.

It's not my best way to live out a day, but it is what it is. And people being people, there will be more days like this.

But for now, there is work to be done.

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  1. Just popping by to say hello. We had quite a run of bleak days here and we're finally in the sunshine this week. It's a welcome and much needed change after the cool and rainy summer we've had. I hope things brighten up for you today - inside and out!


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