It'll get better

Saturday, November 16, 2013
The week moves on.

Saturday morning. Snowing again, all night in fact.
People are snowed in, missing flights, unable to travel, to get to places.
The snow is piling up outside my door but I was able to get to my office with a bit of shovelling and effort.

This week has been one amazingly long effort.
Farmer World problems I confess, or maybe even Pastor World Problems.

A dead internet, technical breakdowns, and office staff who really need the net to do their work. Thankfully being able to bodge together a link through our phones so that we could do some emails etc. But the online meeting will have to wait. I'm thankful that the guys on the other end of the meeting have patience.

The catch up work from being on Sabbatical. I really never saw that coming, especially the many small details that are a part of the work. Yes it is catch up, and yes it's mostly things that will set our trajectory here, but the 42 hours I've already put into the past four days are about administrative things and not so much people contacts. I'd rather hang with people.

Last weekend saying goodbye to my sister. She who has sold everything and in obedience to a call she didn't expect, has moved to Cambodia from the prairies here, to work with a home for girls pulled from the sex trade. She and a couple of friends stayed at our place while she prepared for her flight on Monday morning.  It was an emotional weekend and the theme was "Tears." I'm glad we could be a part of her going, but it was an emotional wasteland around here, around our hearts.

Lauralea herself has been quite sick. Coughing and hacking and stuffy and painful. She left for the sick room sometime Monday night, and hasn't been back. And as she does, she doesn't like being sick so she denies it and gets up and makes me soup or does the laundry and then crawls back into bed. My busyness this week hasn't helped, but I'm glad that she isn't bedridden.

So mostly this week we've not had much extra energy for anything. It's been really different, but ok. Have a late bite to eat, then maybe watch a bit of television, see what's going on in the world, then to our beds. No it isn't really living, but in life there are seasons when you simply set it on survival mode and that's what you do. Young parents know what that's like. People struggling with long term illness know what that's like. Even people with mental illness know what that's like.

Of course there are many things we are grateful for. Biggest of all is that this is just one week. It'll get better.

From the snowy Field.


  1. "Young parents know what that's like."

    Or indeed older ones, caring for a diverse range of children. ;-)

    regarding the admin stuff, I've mostly ignored it over the years, probably in a way that would deeply upset some people on both moral and legal grounds, but I can't do that here. Somewhere, there's a church that's more concerned about being family and the body of Jesus than numbers, statistics, property and salaries.

    I hope Laura feels better soon.

  2. Oh, survival mode. I know that phrase. All in different forms based on the person and the challenges. But, your title is absolutely correct. Just sometimes hard to believe it, see it, and remember it when it appears to be nowhere in sight. All the snow and such an early and heavy start to winter isn't helping, is it? :-)

    Hoping this week is better for you, Friesen family.


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