Weather comes to stay.

Sunday, November 03, 2013
As the final few days of my Sabbatical unfold and I am thinking through personal changes in life patterns and family, this Sunday was to be our last Sunday away, so I had reserved it for a trip to an Edmonton church.

Maybe a nice walk through the downtown streets covered with leaves and get a warm lunch in a local cafe. But all that came to a blunt end through the night last night. Winter came to stay.

Winter Came Suddenly

Well at least I live close enough to my local church to be able to walk over and join in the gathered ones for the morning.

Nope. The service was wisely cancelled due to road conditions.

So I headed out to shovel paths to my office and cleared the stairs etc.
There is enough snow here that I can't get out of the garage with the car so I'll need to wait for help to arrive in the form of a big blade that can push tones of wet snow out of the way.

Then I watched some NFL football, like I never get to do on a Sunday, and that was a good deal of fun. But then I cranked up the old Ham radio and had a good chat with a fellow who lives in North Carolina where the day is lovely and the trees are red and yellow and orange still.

I was disappointed about not getting to the city church today. There are not many opportunities for me to visit other churches, because of the work that I do here.

But it's been a lovely off day around here. Can't go anyplace or do much outside. So we are free to explore what we want inside.

And now herself is calling me for supper for just the two of us.
This week things get going again, so we won't have many opportunities given us like we had today.

Hope your paths are clear.


  1. Take care my friend, as the white stuff you so abhor returns to cover your country. I hope you can maximise your recharging before you have to start the draining process again.


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