Just a church in a field on the day of our annual meeting

Saturday, January 25, 2014
Today the place that I work gathered together to share the stories of the past year and to plan a bit and look forward to the year to come. We talked ministry and money, caring and praying, buildings and direction. It was our Annual Meeting at Malmo Mission Covenant Church.

These things always take so much out of me. Tons of prep work and thought and direction. Hours of reports and writing. It's all just a part of the thing.

And I tend to serve churches that have a long and sometimes difficult story so I've seen AGM's become battle zones. Blood baths where Roberts Rules of Order is the book we can all agree on when we don't trust each other.

But that was not our story today thankfully. By the way, when Roberts rules of Order get pulled out at a meeting, you know it's usually too late for good communication to happen.

When Lauralea and I were making plans to move to Malmo and take up the pastoral responsibilities here, I remember in my conversations with God how I asked him for clarity and direction. His response was that my work here was to simply take people by the hands and to start walking towards Christ and the Cross. I was not to fix people or relationships or try to set my own direction. My only course was to be in movement towards Him, with others in tow.

And so this has been my goal with each passing year, to be moving towards Christ, bringing others with me.  This comes out in my meetings with boards and committees and individuals. It comes out in my preaching and talking up front. It comes out in my one on one conversations, my counseling situations, my service opportunities, my life of example.

And I can do that. I can point others to Him and walk with them.
I can do that.

So today good day here and the support we have for our work here is very encouraging.
But now I am tired and ready for supper and sleep.

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