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Wednesday, January 29, 2014
January 29th and late in the days as I write.

We are coming off the busy time of the year for a pastor who lives in a field. Late November till late January is my seasonal, harvest, busy time of the year. And I'm feeling it tonight.

What does it end up looking like?
Well it looks like impatience. It looks like tiredness, but sleep starts to come again. It looks like people and their names in your mind start blurring and you have to work to remember the names.

Usually this week I'm away at pastors meetings and classes in Chicago, so people don't know when I forget their names, to their faces. :) But this year I've made different choices so I'm at home for now.

As I remind the farmers around here it takes a bit of time to get your orientation back after a couple of months of harvest and work work work. So I'm trying to be patient with myself too.

As I am learning, the hard way, it doesn't bounce back as quickly when you're 50, as when you're 35.

But enough distraction for now.  I'm working on a piece for a devotional being published for Lent, and it isn't going to write itself.

Night from the field.
Even if I momentarily forget your name.


  1. I already notice I'm losing speed/stamina and I'm a couple months from turning 35.

    This is very discouraging.


  2. You are both much too young to be talking about running out of steam.

    My engine simply does not generate as much steam as in days of yore and there are more creaks and groans involved in getting the engine up and running. I consider that needing medication for my aches and pains is a sure sign of impending maturity.

    But I refuse to simply shut the engine off and coast to the finish line. Here's to my impending 65th year.

  3. There seems to be this continuous and gradual drag - in my case it *feels* like it's been happening since I was 17 (yes, really) and you just keep having to readjust to being less able, less flexible, less comfortable. And I.... errrm.... y'know.....

    Just don't stop before time, OK? ;)


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