Some thoughts on a lazy Monday in a field

Monday, January 20, 2014
Today is a day of sleeping in late, and soft scrambled eggs. Of watching BBC Comedies on Netflix and  waiting for the UPS guy to try and find me, again, here in this field.

After a week of warm temperatures outside it feels like spring in here, and though we all know somewhere in our hearts that it will soon return to utter cold and snow, we'll take these days for now as promissory notes of warmer times to come.

It's been a day of txting help with a daughter in her workplace, a church, and talking with a son through  his spiritual growth. There was also a lovely facetime conversation with daughter and granddaughters, who are coming to understand what missing papa and nana means in whole new difficult ways.

It's been a catch up day here too. Last week was prayer week and final reports week and special services at the care homes week and on and on. It was alright, but busy. So today we are catching up with each other and our souls. 
A quiet day of reading and writing and the stillness.

Herself has just realized that we haven't thought through supper, but that's ok too. We'll sort it out when we get hungry.

All in all a good day in the field.
Now if that UPS guy could just find me.

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