Play. It's in our DNA.

Friday, January 10, 2014
When King David's wife berates him for making a fool of himself by leaping and dancing before the ark of the Lord, he protests by saying that it seemed exactly the right thing to do, considering all the Lord had done for him. "Therefore will I play before the Lord," he tells her (2 Samuel 6:14-21)...

The king, the boys and girls, the whale-they are none of them accomplishing anything. They are none of them providing anything. There's nothing edifying or educational or particularly help-ful in what they are doing, nothing that you'd be likely to think of as religious. They haven't a thought in their heads. They are just playing, that's all. They are letting themselves go and having a marvelous time at it… 
"Be fruitful and multiply!" God calls, and creator and creature both all but lose track of which is which in the wonder of their playing.

Rev. Frederick Buechner.
An ordained Presbyterian minister and author of numerous bestselling books and novels.


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