Stopping Time

Thursday, January 09, 2014
Here in The Field we are in week four of having visitors. That has meant many trips to the city and back to collect or deposit our family that has been on a coming and going rota for these weeks.  For the most part it has been fun. I've enjoyed some of the one on one time I've had with the kids and they are doing quite well, considering having me as a parent.

Playing with Norah
But its been a distraction too. Christmas? Who cares. We've got family to be with. That sort of has been the feeling.

But now the only ones left are Johanna and her two little girls, Norah and Eva. So Lauralea and I are having fun letting them get to know us and be comfortable with us, and getting to know them and their little quirks. Holding Norah in my lap with her delicate long frame reminds me of what it was like holding her mother. And Eva sees a smiling face and is all smiles herself, especially after she's filled a diaper.

Cards with Eva
So you try hard and yet not too hard to get to know these little people. They are here for a time only and next week will be so quiet.

So that's where I have been. Well that and struggling with the flu and end of the year reports and committee work etc. etc.

Life keeps on going and people come and go. For now we are just trying to stop time a little bit.

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