Mocking Death

Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Today I've been sitting with people who have received bad news. Their physical lives on this blue orb will change. The test results were not great.

We read together Psalm 23, the Psalm about life and how our good and loving shepherd cares for us. It was comforting, and the eyes were glistening as they face another hard challenge.

But faith was there too in those moist eyes. Faith and hope, and love. Tested already through fires aplenty in this life.

We joked and were free to be ourselves without judgement, because really, when you've stared death in the eye and the best it can do is temporarily threaten your bones and blood and skin, it can be mocked.

It can be mocked because it is powerless to destroy the real you. Your spirit, your loves, your joys, the real you.

We know of one who has faced death even as we do these days. But he died and a few days later he came back to life through that door. He did it to put death in its proper place. Beneath his feet.

So that today followers of his can have hope in him and his experience with death. That he had power over death and he's more than willing to share that with all those he knows.

His name is Jesus, the Christ. And he's looking to know you better. All of life's perspectives change when you get to know him personally, intimately.

It was he who said;
"The Spirit alone gives eternal life. Human effort accomplishes nothing. And the very words I have spoken to you are spirit and life."

So consider his claims, and his promises. Pursue him. Do whatever you need to do to know him better.

Mocking death is only one of the benefits of knowing him, and being known by him.

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