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Sunday, March 27, 2016
Easter Sunday.
After a great week of prayer, and a moving Holy Week.
After the intimate communion of Maundy Thursday, and the fellowship with another sister church on Good Friday.
Easter Sunday morning is great.
But the loneliest time of the year, is Easter Sunday afternoon.

The people care and are friendly, and go off to live their lives.
The little girls Skype with us a bit.
Kids call.
But dang its so lonely.

Doesn't help that so much time has been for work lately.
This week was also my yearly review and it was fairly affirming, but there were a few thoughts that I can't yet process.

A couple of funerals to help with and serve at.
Some people I don't have answers for, God-wise.
And it seems some big miscommunications that will need addressing early this week.
Herself has been hurting by expectations that can't be reached, and friendship has been rejected.

Its not about rest, well, not just about rest.
Its a collection of things.
So we try hard to distract ourselves through the day. Until we can find balance again.

And this is normal. At least these days.

Easter is the most wonderful time of the year, Jesus wise.
It can just be the loneliest time of the year, church leadership wise.

That's why Easter Sunday afternoons are just difficult.
And that ends my public pity party :)

Carry on.

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