Monday, March 14, 2022

Eight Years Ago Now

This photo turned up in my social media feed from eight years ago.
We had to move quickly between and around buildings because of the fighting in Bethlehem. The tear gas was thick and burned. We were moving quickly down a street and an Arab shop owner pulled us into his shop. 
He and his sons got us something to drink and gave us the cure for the tear gas, smelling cut onions. (It works) Then we hid out in his shop for a while till things calmed down outside. 

We wanted to get some things because he had cared for us so well. He got out some of his products and before I could communicate my discomfort, he was dressing me in this Bedouin garb. I did the face because the other guys were taking pictures. We laughed pretty good, but it's a memory I will always cherish, of this caring Arab man and his sons and their shop in Bethlehem.