Sunday, June 19, 2022

"Kansas City Here I Come"

 So I find myself in KC for a week of Board meetings. It seems like a. nice place but dang is it hot here, well at least as compared to home. And humid.

I realized yesterday that this work has allowed me to see some iconic (at least to me) American cities. These are cities you see in NFL or other sports events and now I get to experience them first hand.

Last night we had some Southern food for dinner and it was a pretty great experience. This morning for breakfast I had a fresh biscuit with gravy on it. Who know?  There are some fun tastes out there to be experienced.

But also you see the head offices of corporations you've heard of. Kind of cool. So I realized last night that I could see the Hallmark Cards head offices across the street.

I wonder if they make the movies there too.

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