Tuesday, July 19, 2022

How's The Weather Where You Live?

July 5th here in The Field
Yep that's the for sure. Weather sure has been unique lately across these prairies. 

Big toonie sized hail in Ponoka the other day that smashed down crops and leaves off of trees and huge dents in the cars and trucks parked all around town.  Then I think it was yesterday down in Lethbridge area where they had such a wind and they're not sure if it was a tornado yet or just a strong wind that blow over some houses. 

In Saskatchewan where it was so dry the past year, this year it's so green and the rain has come so quickly the crops and gardens are getting slightly huge. 

And in Winnipeg this summer it is so hot and humid, which is kind of normal for Winnipeg, but still. Last winter the snow kept falling and falling and falling and I think they had a record number of inches of snow through the winter. 

We hear of fire storms in Spain, heat waves in London, people dying in France because of the heat.

And here it's been probably cooler than normal. The past few days have been warm but we haven't had a good solid week of hot weather yet, and the crops could use that. There has been a lot of rain, which is good, but some heat would be good too for the crops. 

Anyway all that to say, dang the weather's been weird this year.