Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Well, I'm back at work today, and the kids are all back at school tomorrow. Can I hear an AMEN? Yes, thank you Lauralea.

It was good to get back to the office today. They've been painting and it looks great. I love the Green, Plum, and Tan colours that were used. Yes, I said GREEN PLUM AND TAN - and yes, I said it looks GREAT!!

Where was I, oh yeah, back at the office where things were piling up...

Spent probably 1.5 hours on the phone, and some was stressful planning changes that just are not going to work for fall. There are no easy answers in life, let alone pastoring.

On the up side, following lunch I took some time to pray and just call out for some help, and He does, and it does.

And I think everyone who came by was glad to see me back in the saddle again. It's good to be appreciated.

There you go, the good, the bad, and the plum room.



A new policy

Saturday, August 24, 2002

Policy number 832951179-wwapr;

Anonymous comments shall not be allowed.

That is all.


Live, from Banff

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Alrighty then, I'm blogging to you live from Banff Alberta, the Wendys in Banff to be more exact.

the public keyboard here has a plastic "Diaper" kind of thing on it so its hard to type.

Well, we were planning to go camping, but it got so cold that we scraped that idea and thought of doing this crazy thing, head to Calgary for a day and Banff for a day and then home. So we took the money e were going to use on a deck and headed west. Its been a cool idea so far. You don't grow old saying, "Remember that deck..." as much as you might grow old saying, "remember that trip to Banff ..."

So, we're havin fun, good call.

And whats with the cell phone coverage here in Banff? Ammazing. i can be in a valley, in a tunnel, at the bottom of an elevator shaft and still have perfect connection. Very cool. So, call me if you have my number, and if you don't, then you were'nt suppose to call me anyway!!

Should go, we're off to find an ALL CANDY SHOP, then i'm stopping at the chocolate candy store. Talk about your right priorities, eh.

Those of you who are praying for us, thanks, keep on.
Those of you who didn't even think of prayin for us? well, God is good, and these mountains are proof of that again and again.

Ciao for now


What the hell?

Saturday, August 10, 2002

What happens in a head, or should I say heart, that makes a person unwilling to forgive?

To hold on to the hooks and chains that embed themselves into our past only serves to bind us and cripple us, and in the end, to kill us in a very painful death.

To forgive is not just a letting go of the past or the person who has hurt you.
It´s not making a statement that the evil done is now ok. Rather it´s letting go of the hooks that have embedded themselves into who you are. YOU are set free through the act of forgiveness, NOT the offender.

But, the insidious nature of the beast is that a choice Not To Forgive is a choice that causes more darkness and deception to enter our lives, so we see even less the importance of forgiveness.

It creates a downward spiral that gets darker and deeper and we become slaves to it, each day more deceived until we are one breath away from physical then spiritual death.

?What the hell? maybe the most apt question to ask of someone who is choosing unforgiveness and death, rather than freedom and life.

For what it´s worth anyway.


Dr. Evil gets saved

   So, it's been to long since the last bloogin incident! I've been trying to take a bit of a break from the keyboard, as of late. But today I'm in the Broadview Sask. library, small but functional, when in the back I spot two 19' monitors and keyboards!

I ask and, sure enough they have internet access! Soooo I have to check it out and blog a bit from a "Family Reunion" down here.

So, here I am!
News? Well I celebrated my 39th birthday last week - this week, by going to the Austin Powers movie. (Yes I know, from all you cultural elites out there I can hear the groaning!!) and I tell you I laughed, and laughed, and then I laughed a bit more. and now that I'm in the basement as far as your estimation of me is concerned, I'll tell you again, I laughed.

So many of the cultural shots he took WERE funny statements on our society. oh, and I liked the cars AND the ... "Laser" ....

Dr. Evil finds redemption, go figure.

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