Sudden Storm

Sudden Storm

A sudden storm comes late in the summer.
A phone call changes everything.
Lost and found loved ones, life changes.
Death creates a storm that rages all around us.
People die, and the world goes on.

Feels surreal. Feels empty.
There is a space now, where there was a person.
Memories remain, dreams are lost, 
I never expected it.
This sudden storm.

If I were being truthful

It's Monday, my day off. And like a sucker I am working.
At least I think I'm like a sucker. I think...

No, the church doesn't know I'm working, and the leadership doesn't know that I'm working. I think Lauralea suspects that I am working and has indicated so with a frowny face.

And I don't want to be working, but I am. That's just how it is.

There are some church families/individuals that need attention, and I don't really know how to help them. Some because they cannot really be helped, that's just the reality of life.

But still I am working at it, thinking, processing, trying, praying.
And I am not playing, laughing, resting, re-creating.

THAT really troubles me.
Why some people cannot/will not be helped, in spite of me or us or God even.
I can't just walk away from them. Maybe that's what makes me crazy.

Instead I work and pray to think up the words or language or a process that could maybe help them a little. Give them hope, lead them to life, give them a rope to hang on to.

I know I'm not their messiah, or even Messiah. I know that. It just really ticks me off that some lives fall away, people loose their hope, stories fail, because people are, what's the word, selfish? Stubborn? Fiercely independent?

Maybe I'm just tired that some thirty years into this gig, sometimes there are still people who can't be or won't be helped.

And maybe it scares me because I am one of the most selfish people I know.

The Fauzi Azar Inn, Nazareth

This was where we stayed when we were in Nazareth.

The Fauzi Azar Inn is a great place tucked away in the old city of Nazareth.


Meeting Hangover

Big meeting hangover today.

Last night was our All Boards meeting when we all meet, so that we don't have to meet three or four times in the month.

A great idea, it's just very hard, good work that we do. Intense work. Brain dead work after we are done.

We are in the process of walking the congregation through a discernment process to see if we want to or need to build a new building. And boy that is an intense journey.

The process has been good so far, but we want it to continue to be good, so we agonize and pray over a good process.

Seems we only have this conversation every 50 plus years, so really we are on new ground with it.

But man does my head hurt this morning.

Off to ministerial meeting.