Vacation. Day Two.

1. I started to play again today.

The church I serve has been changing over the past while and its changing for the better. It's becoming  a church of people with honest life struggles, some of which look to have no easy answers. So this year has been much busier for me and one of the ways I can tell that is that my Ham Radio logbook hasn't had a new entry since before christmas.

Amateur radio is one of the ways I play and have some fun. But I haven't really played with that in a long long time.

But today I finally got my 2-meter Kenwood radio installed in the van and that was fun. Now I can play while on the road. That's great, a good start.

2. I was contacted to write a Christmas piece for a denominational magazine.

This, is cool and a good challenge for me.
I enjoy writing but that discipline has really sort of dried up for me in the past years. My Spiritual Director has been inviting me to re-engage and consider this part of my life again and I am excited by the possibilities.

So then this invitation came today. Pretty encouraging opportunity.

Day two. Check.

Vacation. Day One.

Dear Diary,

Its officially day one of my vacation, and Herself is sitting beside me on the couch, playing some of her games on her phone.

She has just enquired as to what the heck I'm chewing on and biting here in my mouth because it may make her crazy and candy is meant to be enjoyed by sucking on it, not chewing on and biting in half.

Well Diary, this will be an awesome first week, I'm sure of it.

Tomorrow will be day two.



This photo from Thomas and Terri Lynn's wedding is missing one full quarter of their group. Because of new babies and government bureaucracy, Johanna the eldest was unable to be there for the day. 
I didn't realize it till I got home and viewed the photo, just how much they all have grown. They have matured and grown into their own spirits in ways that I'm deeply proud of.

Then to hear from people who have met them and interacted with them and its their character that is commented on again and again. All four of them. That's pretty cool for any dad.

So this Thanksgiving day while all but one of them is living in different cities and countries, I'm pretty grateful for these people and how they have helped shape who I am becoming.

I'm thankful for this family, this growing family, and I love them lots.

Into The Quiet

A week ago I was in this place.
Introducing people to the wonders of silence, and solitude, and quietening the noise so that you could hear your heart beat again. Because when you get still and you listen, God is there. And he has things to say.

People are longing for that gift, more and more.
And I love showing them the possibilities in it.

It was the wedding of the year

I've been saving up my holiday time all year so that we could participate in two of the most important events in our family life. The first was the birth of our third grandchild, little Rebekah. We took time to go and meet her and to celebrate with her family in August. That was very sweet.

The second event was the wedding our our son, Thomas to Terri Lynn Paulson.

So we booked off a week to go and help them run errands, set up, clean up, provide meals, and just invest in them and their day. It was an exhausting, wonderful week. :)

And what a wedding.  People ask how it was and my reply has been that is was a wonderful day, because it was a wedding that was who they are as a couple. It wasn't a wedding based on who the parents are or what Pinterest is saying. It wasn't a day based on societies expectations of weddings or how much money you could burn up for it. It was based on who these two are. People of community, people of the table, people of simple intentional lives, people of Jesus.

An outdoor wedding in the treed church alcove, surrounded by tall trees and the wide open blue skies above. A time for refreshments and visiting and games right there after the service. Then into the church hall for the dinner and a few speeches and live music from many of their friends.

They grew the vegetables for the meal, and their chef friend prepared the gourmet meal. They chose instead of a wedding cake, a fruit and chocolate crumble sort of thing that they served themselves. They had no bridal parties but many friends. They had no flower girls but had significant people in their lives bring forward real sunflowers they had been given, during the service. She came down the aisle to him reading a love poem he had written just for her. Her wedding dress was borrowed from a friend and she was beautiful in it.

Yeah it was an amazing day.

Terri Lynn is a delight and her family were great to meet and to work with. They are good Saskatchewan farm people. :)  And I met her grandparents who are Amateur Radio people themselves, so win, I got to talk ham radio at the wedding!

I officiate at weddings for my work, and often they are about somebody else's personality, wants, and desires. I always work to pull it back to the couple and what they want, but depending on the couple and the extended family, that sometimes doesn't work.

I see thousands of dollars put into those days, and huge expectations and thin relationships stretched to the breaking point. Just to have a wedding like others have.

That's why this was so fresh and real and alive and good.

I've seen that in both our children's weddings and that pleases me more than I realized it would. That their wedding days were consistent with who they are, or were at the time. That makes me happy.

Thomas and Terri Lynn with Lauralea's parents and my mom