Friday, September 25, 2020

Hague Hardware Store


There is a hardware store in the town of my great grandparents that has been serving people for many many years. Probably served them 40, 50 years ago.

But today Lauralea and I stopped in there and took a look around. It still is classic old town hardware store.

Oh yes, nails and saw blades and a few power tools. But also dishes, table clothes, closet hardware, hooks, irons, and soap. Toys and games, puzzles and books, stoves and fridges, axes, bobby pins, thermometers, thermostats, thermoses. And women’s clothes, for town women, regular sized women actually.

We bought Lauralea a beautiful sweater, and some canning lids for her pickle jars.

It was, wonderful.

Sunday, September 06, 2020

Staying Well

 I am tired now, and tomorrow I am going to stop for a while.

Stop work and stop doing and just stop. 

Next weekend is Hillary's wedding and we are going to help them get ready for the big day, and then celebrate well what that day means for Hillary and Dave and all of us. Its is going to be a great time. 

Then a few weeks vacation to try and get our footing back.

Probably return amidst a big second wave with new restrictions and all. But we shall worry about that then.

For now the trick will be to stop working and start vacationing and NOT get a cold or flu as I normally do when the adrenaline of work stops flowing through my veins.

Stay well.

 The Smiling Blue Breasted Pastor, a rare sight to see on any day.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

24 weeks later and we are inside.

We've been meeting outside all summer but this is the land of the snow, so you know we had to move the gathering inside at some point.

Today we gave it a trial run and it seemed to go well, in spite of all the weirdness and all.

There are still many from our number who are not comfortable meeting inside yet and we respect that. So if the weather remains warm we will try to gather outside for a few more weeks until we just can't any longer.

Nearly 70 of us there today. A simple service but relaxed and very informal.

It was a good day.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Using My Words

I’m not highly trained in writing and unlike a good friend I don’t have a degree in English. He is my go to for the proper use of apostrophes and semicolons and such. But I still search my public writings to see if I used lose or loose as I tend to use one in place of the other frequently.

I began to write in this space in 2002 and the discipline required to do that turned out to be quite a good thing in my life. I gained a lot of practice working with words, exploring them, playing with them, just enjoying them and the power they carried to communicate. It was a very fulfilling time.

As a result over the years I received more and more invitations to write for publications. Our local city paper was open to publish any article I would write. Denominational magazines would invite me to prepare articles for them. I was able to sell a few pieces, even to a national newspaper, which puffed me up considerably.

I always wondered if I had a book in me, and then I would read a book written by some fellow which would convince me once again that there were too many books in the world already. I didn’t want to add to the book noise out there and the thought of another tree giving its life so that an inexperienced writer wannabe could fulfil some sort of unrealistic dream, well that filled me with dread.

So I write here, and occasionally on other online places. I write sermons and church constitution changes. Brochure information and signs, motions and the like. I write letters of release, letters of reference, and simply letters to others. It’s a part of my work here now. It’s good challenging work, but not always inspiring.

So when I am invited to write for magazines etc. I usually am quick to say yes to the challenge.

This photo is the result of my recent invitation to write. The topic was how we as people of faith, can bloom where we are planted. (The July/August 2020 copy of the Recorder) It was a good challenge this summer and my live in editor (Lauralea ever since college) helped it read even better.

It’s still an enjoyable exercise and a wonderful discipline for me and there are still things to say. So for now we carry on.

Friday, August 28, 2020

New Theme / Old Theme

I think this is where I am landing for a bit, theme wise.

It actually reminds me a good deal of my very first blog theme. Info panel on the left, blues in colour, lots of white. Fairly simple.

Its sort of fun and embarrassing to go back and read the posts from 18 years ago. I was such a different person. The heavies of the internet were still not out there as much. Trolls were rare. Dark commenting was not happing a lot.

As an old-timer would say, they were the good old days.

Well thanks to Toni, I was able to access an older template and tweak to my hearts content. You may occasionally still see a wee bit of his handiwork in this template that I left in, sort of as homage to his good self.

Funny how some websites and blogs are oddly comforting to visit. Like old friends, their colours and voices are safe places to end up.

Anyway, what's old is new again.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Old Fart Alert

Ug, I dislike the new blogger backend.

Can't find the things I need to find.

They have kept it the same for probably 10-20 years, much to my frustration. Then when I am moving along with what they allow, they change the rules.

All that to say, I can't find a template that does what I need it to do. :(

So if there are changes here for the next bit, it's just me looking for the right switch to pull.

Bear with...

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Lemon Meringue Pie

Tonight Lauralea and I were invited over to a deck supper at a farm out here. The food was brought in by a chef who certainly knew his way around a smoker.

BBQ smoked ribs and chicken, beans, salads, roast potatoes, and on and on.

Then there was this lemon meringue pie. Now, for whatever reason I don’t like lemon meringue pie. I can’t remember when I stopped eating it but over the years Lauralea would try to make it and I was having none of it.

Until tonight. When what I can only describe as a mood overtook me, (it may have been from all that meat). I was in a mood to have a wee slice.

Well, it was nothing like I remember it to be. Fresh, tart and sweet, it was just good. I enjoyed it.

So now I have to rethink life WITH lemon meringue pie IN it. It’s almost an existential crisis trying to process this at 57. But it seems I do like it.

Now I have to work up the nerve to tell Herself. ;)