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Monday, September 10, 2018
Just a post to hold some links I like to visit on grey days.

Fun in the Field.

The last week took a good turn and life was generous. There was a new energy and grace with people.

Summer has been fun in that I've been able to connect with people again, without the regular stresses of meetings and such. Last week I got to hang out with a lot of people in planned and surprise ways. That always energizes me.

So it felt good to do that again, be with people.

Yesterday was our fall startup at church and the community gathered to start things together right. Which always involves worship and food. We had a great time.

I think its going to be a pivotal year for us. A good year.

Maybe focus on real life for a while

Wednesday, September 05, 2018
Today I need to heed some of my own advice.

People become overwhelmed by the demands and stresses of social media and they, or we feel that we need to be somewhat aware of the stories being written on any given day. That it is good that we know that our neighbours are facing challenges or they are experiencing a good holiday with good food in Spain.

Or that its somehow good that we know the state of the world and someone's recent version of what our state leaders are doing and we are free to comment on them and the general state of the world.

But just because we can doesn't mean we should.

I don't often treat social media as a must read, and often the only reasons I check them is perhaps to see a delightful photo of the granddaughters or what the kids are doing, or maybe to be aware of whats going on in the lives of those I care for, as in the people of this community. So I don't feel really tied to them.

But today after a particularly stressful people day in real skin, I happened upon a post by a good man I normally respect, that just went sideways in me. His expectation of his readers was more demand on me than I could handle today.

The other day a lady I follow said something that seemed quite counter to her character and I was surprised and disappointed. Did I have a right to feel that way? I'm not sure, but I did. I don't have enough of a relationship to mention it to her, and I am not sure I have any right at all to expect better from her. But as I say, I did.

That doesn't even include some of the crazy wild tinfoil hat declarations you see on any given day.
Or the false sense of reality some people try to create of their lives, to give the impression that life is great and we've succeeded to create something of meaning with our (online) lives anyway.

If its true that you become more like those you hang out with, I need to stop hanging out in these sorts of places. It may be time to start walking away.

And we had such hopes for web 2.0.

These kids keep growing up.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018
I think my notes with the flower I have sent for her birthday are getting mushier.
But thats ok.
Sometimes it takes years to figure out the right words to say.

Happy Birthday to our firstborn, Johanna.

Six years ago in Chicago.

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