Evangelical Covenant Church Annual Meeting

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Tomorrow I am off to Minneapolis for our Denominational annual meeting.

The delegate handbook is 256, 8.5x11 sized pages.

They have now projected double the attendance they originally planned for. Couldn't get a hotel room in the place. Seats in the meeting halls will be scarce.

So yeah. Thats what we are looking toward.

But I am going to connect with pastor friends from across North America, and because there are four Canadian pastors being ordained and I want to be there for that. For them. I want to be there to encourage them in the recognition of gift and calling and service.

So I'm willing to put up with the other, for a few moments of celebration with Canadian pastors.

Adulting Fun

Monday, June 18, 2018
I don’t love love cakes, cookies, sweets, squares, strudels, and many pies.
But I do enjoy an occasional chocolate bar.

Today I realized that one of the very best things about being an adult, is that I can go into any store and buy the chocolate bar of my choice, or five!

I remember being a kid and wishing for the day I could buy my own bar.  Now I can.

There are ways in which adulting can be the best thing ever.

What I looked like with a 1200 baud modem.

Friday, June 15, 2018

This, boys and girls, was what the internet used to look like, when you were waiting for a page to load over a 1200-baud modem.

Hit enter. Go for a drink. Hit enter. Go take a bathroom break.

Yes we've come a very long way now, and High Speed is mostly that.  That’s why we could never envision the day when we'd buy software over the internet, or even, madness, watch video over the online connection.

But high speed internet connections are here now, and that means you'll get no more pictures like this of me, back in the day.

...I kinda miss the first days of the public internet. They were heady times.

A Fresh Set of Clothes - Thoughts on Blogging

Thursday, June 14, 2018

It would seem that over the past sixteen years this place has seen its share of new clothes.
(I do enjoy a good looking suit of clothes.)

So here we are again, with a newer look, a little fresher, maybe a more stylish look. Should work in all browsers and mobiles, of all sizes, shapes, etc.

Never had to worry about mobile browsers back in the day.
(Next I'll be standing on the porch with my stick yelling at the kids to "Stay off my lawn!")

I know that the heyday of Weblogs are long long behind us. I remember when we were trying to do Web 2.0 things with them before Web 2.0 even existed. Before facebook and instagram. Before Twitter and Pinterest.

But here we are today and my daily web traffic is down from three digits to single digits a day. In a way I am ok with that as it takes a good amount of pressure off.  And maybe that allows me to say some things that I wouldn't want to say with so many people around.

I've never felt comfortable with facebook etc. because those places are contained silos if you will. Cut off from the rest of the internet so that you could only see in with membership. (Back in the day.)  It was always like renting a space, while here you would own your space. Do what you like without an overlord deciding who of your friends would see what of your posts.

I am fiercely loyal to this mode of communication. It was a good place for me to discover writing and to learn the craft even better. (There was some amazing writing here back in the 2000's)  But it was also the place I felt like I lost my writing voice. I don't know what happened with it, where did it go and why?  But I live in hope that it will return one day, and surprise me.

Those are some of the reasons I stick around here. Even when things get a bit sparse, post wise.  I'm not done with this space, I have unfinished business here.

But for today, the new threads.

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