Denver Tired

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I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck.
So. Tired.
I recall waking in the wee small hours needing a glass of water, and it was only 12:48am.
I am in rough shape. I admit it.
Work has been hard core since I got back from holidays in early November. And now we are done our Annual meeting, (which was awesome by the way. God awesome.) Now my schedule is urgent meeting clear for the first time in months. So that is great.

This is a reset time for me, this midwinter pastors week. So I'm trying to reset myself. Trying to balance self alone time along with connecting with people time.

Today is walking and napping time. Doing some reading of poetry and some praying, which is alike and for my spirit.

And God is close and looking out for me, and pushing me when it starts to get too much about me.

I just need a lot from this week and today is a dodgy start, physically at least.

So I'm done my coffee and croissant and the sun is out and warm so I'm off to walk a couple miles downtown, including a stop at a bookstore for a good book of poetry.

Let's see what Denver has to show me.

Should we be praying for sick people to be made well?

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You know the church's history of praying for healing for people has been a bit of a come and go thing over the past 2000 years. There are seasons where we practice it well and then there are seasons of quiet. We see seasons of incredible miracles and then we see nothing for a hundred or so years. While that may be a part of our past story, there is biblical reason to believe that it can be a helpful part of our ministries today, if we will have the courage to try.

I think some of us are generally afraid of the whole topic, so we end up saying that those sorts of things were for the early days of the church and are not for today.
I also think that we see the things we have simple faith to see.

During the past two weeks we tackled the difficult topic of Healing in the church and we explored some reasons why we may not see the answers we are looking for. It's certainly not the definitive piece on healing, but it's a good place to start looking at these things and perhaps to be challenged about our own thinking on it.

Part One: Praying for healing, an Overview

Part Two: What Happens When We're Not Healed?

...each day has enough troubles of its own.

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Look, we made it through the week.
I'll admit, at the start I wasn't sure how it would go. But at the start of the week, during prayer at our staff meeting, we talked about what it would look like to only pray for the needs of the day. Then to do that each day, and to not pray for the future, which may not in the long run, even need prayer.

So we tried that. And I tried that with my schedule.
It's sort of what I do anyway, but this week I was more intentional about it. And it was a better week.
Each day was to focus on the work of that day, and for the most part we made it through.

There was a dodgy bit on Thursday when I was in Leduc in the morning for a pastors meeting, then got over to Camrose, then another stop on a call, and to the office to get the Annual Report done. The close bit was to get the services ready for the care homes in the evening. That one was a little close for comfort, but there was grace to get it done. And the services were a joy and blessing, as they usually are, because the people there are grateful.

Today was a church families event in the morning, then a birthday party for a family in the afternoon. We came home to the reality that there was a few free hours for the first time this week.

I lay down on the couch, and too quickly fell asleep, hard I guess. Herself had to wake me three hours later to eat a late supper.

Tomorrow is worship, and I'm talking about some biblical reasons why people are not healed when we pray for it. I'm getting some good interest in it, and people are looking for answers, so it will be a good day, I'm praying.

So we made it through the week, and I'm pretty thankful, I feel pretty blessed.


On A Wednesday

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And just like that it's 4C outside!
Snow is melting, sun is shinning, birds are singing.
And I'm off to prison...

for the afternoon that is.

Here we go. It's going to be one of those weeks.

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Work today is a long day. Started at 5:30 am and will end sometime tonight after 10 pm. Staff meetings, prep for three board meetings tonight, and you get the idea.

Tomorrow I'm in the prison and hopefully writing the Annual Reports, and company for supper, then Thursday it's area pastors meeting in the morning and doing the care home worship services in the evening with the prep work going on in between.

Friday I'm hoping for a visit or two, and doing all the Sunday prep stuff, and then Saturday we are trying something new, a Discipling our Children roundtable at the church.

Sunday looks like part two of my talk on prayer and why sometimes healing doesn't happen like we want. Sunday evening is Staff Christmas Party time, a little late but in place none the less.

So that's the week then.
They happen, but they're not all that healthy to be honest.

Perhaps it's an opportunity to grow a bit in boundary management, and focusing on the real values and people, in spite of a nasty calendar. Perhaps its a chance to learn to rest after a crazy week. Perhaps.