God Save The Queen

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
This has got to be one of the most moving pieces of music. This arrangement of the British National Anthem by Benjamin Britten arranged in the early 1960s.

In grade school we used to sing it whenever we sang O Canada. The two went together like peanut butter and grape jam. :)

But this arrangement is stunning and I've only heard of it because in recent years they have been singing it on the Last Night of the Proms.

It has become, in this version, much more the prayer that it was written to be.

An update... with photos

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

For a host of reasons, this summer has been a most challenging one. I can't recall in recent memory a more challenging summer season. So the photo on the right kinda is how I am seeing life presently.

Yeah, I know. Lots of attitude there I'm afraid. But I'm working on that.

But, the truth is that this season has been a most wonderful season as well. Of visits from our granddaughters and their parents, of Micah and Sharayah's wedding. Of family gathered for the first time in a few years, sharing life in the +30s heat of a Saskatoon summer.

Of strength to do the work that I enjoy doing, when there are not enough personal resources to see the day through. Of new roads with God. Of new conversations with old friends and old conversations revisited with new friends when "New" actually means eleven years or so.

And I bought a bike.
I immediately felt like I was 11 years old again when I first rode it. The breeze and smooth ride, the balancing and speed all just takes me back to a freer simpler time. It's pretty fun.

And now a few photos to remind myself. :)

Love still changes people

Sunday, July 21, 2019
Jean Vanier, founder of the L’Arche communities, said, “My experience has shown that when we welcome people from this world of anguish, brokenness and depression, and when they gradually discover that they are wanted and loved as they are and that they have a place, then we witness a real transformation — I would even say ‘resurrection.’ Their tense, angry, fearful, depressed body gradually becomes relaxed, peaceful and trusting. This shows through the expression on the face and through all their flesh. As they discover a sense of belonging, that they are part of a ‘family,’ then the will to live begins to emerge. I do not believe it is of any value to push people into doing things unless this desire to live and to grow has begun to emerge.”

Isn’t this the work of the Kingdom of God and the church as well?

Wedding Shower

Tuesday, July 16, 2019
In just a few weeks Micah is marrying a lovely young lady, Sharayah. Its always awkward when you end up on the father in laws blog, but she is a generous soul and it's been good to get to know her a bit.

Sunday the church here celebrated as they do, with food, cake and some good fun.

These kids do grow up and make their own good lives out there and all our kids have done well at that. Makes me grateful and a bit humbled. For all my screwups and human nature, or maybe I mean in spite of it all, they are a grace to us and blessings in this world.

It was a good day. :)

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