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1179 Fourth Street East, Prince Albert Sk.

This is a photo that makes up the wallpaper on one of my MacBook screens. I enjoy working on this screen because of the memories of this place, but also because of the starkness yet warmth presented in it.

It is a photo of our back yard in Prince Albert Saskatchewan.

When we purchased the house there was only one post still in place from that fence. It's the somewhat crooked left leaning one along the back of the fence. We had to re-dig post holes and I wanted to retain the one old post from the previous fence so it could be a fence repair rather than a new build. :)
But it took much work and effort build it. And as a result there are many memories there for me.

Then one summer we installed the circular fire pit to the left of the photo. Some dry summers there would be a fire ban in place, but in autumn we would light it up, and even sometimes roast wieners and marshmallows over the fire there.

On the far left of the photo is a treehouse that we built with an attached ladder in p…

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