Thursday, July 17, 2003

Dog days of Summer

Well, we are done with July 17. Hard to believe that we are so far into summer.


The girls are getting ready to head out with for a huge youth gathering called CHIC down in Tennessee. (They think it's humid and hot here! Just wait till they hit the South!)


And I'm getting ready for next week. I've got a two week study leave and I need to finish a major study paper. It's my final effort for being a Covenant Pastor. I need to do the paper, and have two more interviews, and I'm in. A covenant pastor. The course load has been enjoyable, it's taken me back into the classroom, which I haven't been in for a few years, so it's been good to be back in school. Having said that, it'll be good to be done.


The second week I'm trying to retreat a bit. In Winnipeg I was able to get away for a few days at a time just to fast and pray and wait on God. It was in those times that I experienced God most profoundly. I'm going to try to get away for a few days.


In August it's holiday time. I don't think we're going anywhere, but it will be SO GOOD to be out of the office and the pulpit etc. etc. It feels like I'm just hanging on till...  I hope the break will be enough. Enough to fill my tank. Enough to make me want to go back. Just enough, you know?


In August I will also be moving on from the age of 39, to the next one. I seem to be finding this one particularly difficult. I'm not sure why. I started in the ministry in my early 20's and was always considered older than I really was. I always disliked that, people thinkin I was older than I really was. I was mature enough to pastor at the age of 23, but I was still 23. Now that I'm getting older, and have been hanging around Lauralea for 20some years, I'm starting to loosen up, and relax a bit. I can't do it all, and there may be some value in enjoying the ride, not just goin for the gold all the time.  I never really thought this pastoring gig would turn into a lifetime thing you know? And, I suppose it's not a lifetime yet but, you know.


(And Sylvia, don't even think of putting 40 penguins on my lawn this year!!!!!)


So, that the dope, todate.


Blessings on you all tonight.


  1. 40 penguins eh? Not a bad idea! But I'm sure we can think of something else! Something nice for a young man like you...

  2. 'young man' eh? no-one ever called me that when I was 39 (not so very long ago, I'll have you know)! Although maybe I never was (",)

    While I don't want to draw too many similarities, I've been mistaken for being older for a long time (having a beard from the age of 17 might have something to do with it). Getting married 'too young' - presumably like you. And I'm away for the next 2 weeks, hoping to re-fuel as well, although we're doing nothing quite as 'spiritual' - off to Greece for a fortnight. We'll visit Corinth (have to get the kids to plow through Corinthians first, I think) and hopefully Athens too, although that will be several hours drive. It's always interesting to get a feel for how things were in bible times, and in Greece there's a sense that somethings have changed very little.

    Do I understand correctly that there are qualifications required to become a pastor in the covenant church? A (ex school) friend of mine is a Baptist pastor, and although he'd pastored a church for a year, had to take additional exams before he was formally accepted. Anyway, I hope everything goes well with your last paper. I'll say the same as I do to my children - may God help you to do the best that you're able.

    Hope you slept well.


  3. Where I was preaching last week I got introduced as one of the best young leaders in W.A. (whatever that may mean...) I also turn 40 soon. I guess its all a matter of perspective. Like you this one also has me a little disturbed!

  4. Linea:

    Don't even think of it!!!


    Greece? You're going to Greece? Now that is sweet. I was just thinking the other day that It could be a very enjoyable time going to Greece. The warm weather, the beaches, the food, the music, the connection with the past, the food...

    Make sure you take some pictures we can look at later.

    And yeah, there are qualifications to fulfill to be an ordained pastor in the Covenant. They are a larger church here and in America, so this is how they assure good guys get into the churches, by making the requirements fairly rigid.


    I think we should start a club, "The Younger 40 Year Old Evangelicals" or some such thing. We've got enough history under our belts so that we're not dumb as planks, but we're still young enough to be a bit dangerous. I hope.

  5. Dangerous?

    Yes, I can put my hand up to that one. Although it usually depends in which direction I shoot my mouth off ;-)

    Promise to try for some decent pics. Just bought an underwater disposable camera. I've never tried that before, so it will be interesting.

  6. Speaking of age...

    I am now starting down the road towards becoming a pediatrician at an age where most of my eventual peers are beginning to practice medicine. Talk about feeling old. And I find myself in another bizarre situation. I will be going to school with a girl I used to youth pastor. We may end up in the same English class. How did she get so old? I haven't decided if this makes me feel young or ancient yet. It's sure not easy being 23 years and 13 months old.

    Randall, please don't worry about your age. It's all a matter of perspective. Think of it like this: You are entering an exciting new time in your life where you will buy sports cars, dye your hair and take up roller blading. Perhaps you've already started.

    In all seriousness though, you are the youngest 39 going on 40 year old I know. Keep up the good work and enjoy your free time!

  7. I do NOT think it's hot and humid here. It's freaking cold out. (except today it was nice)

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