Long day

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Another day nearly done.

From prayer meeting to staff meeting to hospital visits to counseling to preparing for tonight's Bible Study.

Today I began counseling someone dealing with HIV/Aids. I suspect we've had people in church with this disease before, after all, Prince Albert has the highest rate in Sask. But today is the first time I've worked with anyone, about it.

The world stands still during the week you wait for your test results to get back.


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  1. Another "issue" for the Body to deal with, learn about and offer support to, if it is desired. Until we, as a church, come face to face with the HIV/Aids presence, we seem to continue in our 'isolation mode', away from the distresses and hurt of the world! If we can help in any way, we need to........my prayers are with you today, Randall.......


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