Friday, October 24, 2003

Having a good week, although it's just a little weird healthwise.

Today I took a good "Encouragement" from a friend that I need to take time for lunch and start eating properly. When I wake up, food is the last thing I'm interested in, yuck, gross. Then I get going, and usually i will forget about lunch, or food for a long time.

Then the afternoon rolls around and I meet or visit someone for coffee and, well I like a donut now and then, so i have a donut. Then I get home for supper, which is my meal of the day.

My friend reminded me that I'm 40 years old now and I better start eating right. She's right of course. So today I came home for lunch and ate Tomato soup with Lauralea and Micah. It was nice, except I got a huge headache!!

I never get headaches, and this one was a 4 Extra strength Tylenol one.

Whew, lunch at home can be dangerous.

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