Yes, Virgina there is culture in Prince Albert

Friday, October 03, 2003

Alright, I'm sorry about the no culture crack I made. I'm sorry, I repent.

But, Prince Albert is kinda a Farming/Forestry/Prison town. You gotta understand that with these three top industries, there's gonna be some cheatinhurtin music playin on four out of five local radio stations, which it feels like it is!

But, to be fair, only two of the localish stations are country, the two FM radio stations we have are both owned by the same company and really do play much the same format, Top 40, MOR, late greats, kinda stuff.

Saskatoon AM radio plays Country and Talk. Melfort does this Country FM thing and a greatest hits ever station on AM. (CBC 1 reaches us here from Regina.)

But, in this vast province of just under 1 million people, there isn't a Classical station to be found. (Hang on, CBC 2, which is "Classics and Beyond" has three transmitters in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Regina, and Swift Current - if you can believe that! And it is "Beyond" our reception.)


Hey, I love Skaggs "Crying my heart out over you" and Johnny Cash's "Sunday Morning Comin Down" but where can we get a varied diet including some Classical stuff?

Well, faithful readers, tonight was the night. Lauralea and I were given tickets to the Anthony Kearns concert at the new Center for the Arts. We got dressed up and off we went to a wonderful oasis of a concert. He has a wonderful Tenor voice and sings regularly with the world renowned Three Irish Tenors.

It was like a long, glorious Ice Water drink to a dry parched throat.

Now, having said that, he did sing a few to many Irish songs for my liking, but Lauralea loved that part a lot. He did three, only three Arias, and they were beautiful, how I wished for more, but I wasn't about to start complaining! I was to busy drinking it in.

Anyway, thank's L's for the tickets, it was wonderful.

And, because I'm a multimedia kinda guy, here are a few clips of tonight.

Here's a clip of his first song.

Here he sings a duet with his wonderfully gifted accompanist, Patrick Healy.

And here's a clip of one of the Arias.


  1. Thanks for the clips of the performance. The aria was beautiful and I suspect it was even better in actual fact than the recording.

  2. I'm still skeptical. PA is that place we drive through on the way to the lake. :)

  3. Yeah, on the August long weekend, as I returned home from the "Emergent Church Retreat and Boat Trip" on Friday, when I arrived in town the cars from Saskatoon trying to get over our one bridge into the north were lined up from the bridge back through town, up the hill and near to the entrance of the city!!!

    You ain't never seen so many rich, p/oed Saskatonians, ever.

  4. so the concert was good hey? Yeah, they asked me, mom and Gaylene to sing, but we were busy...maybe next year.


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