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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Well, I got back from the lake late last night. I was going to stay till today, but there was a death and some other things which called me home.

I gotta say, it was a great time of connection and stillness.

I love hearing people's stories. Sometimes they make you laugh and sometimes cry, but they are meaningful. I think you honour people by listening to their stories. You honour their faithfulness and struggles.

Anyway, it was funny to listen as a drug induced LT (hey, he had the flu!!) described how, with the power of his GPS device, he could actually track where he had left a deposit on the hiking trail, last winter!!

Well ok, maybe not all stories are honorable.

Alberto, from Colombia, with his passionate heart for the church, and this planet we live on. Will I be able to eat a cinnamon roll without thinking of him? I doubt it.

And Becky, who introduced me to Grits (Hey, I like em, go figure). She has the depth of spirit that usually only comes from living a long time.  And hey, maybe she has. She is a Georgia Peach.

Linea came up on Friday and stayed till today, and I guess Dave and Mike arrived sometime very early this morning, long after I had left.

But, my gastank is full again and I'm going on. Thanks Leighton for being a great host (For us and whatever parasite you picked up!!)

And thanks for those who attended and mixed their stories with mine for a few days.

It's was healing to be with you all.


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