The Great Northern RiverFest

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Guess where I'll be on SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!

Well yeah, I'll be in church, BUT AFTER CHURCH?!?

Saskatoon is preparing to host the 12th Annual Great Northern River Roar Festival.  As one of Saskatchewan´s most anticipated events, the River Roar draws over 100,000 spectators from not only all corners of the province, but all over Canada.  Located on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River in beautiful downtown Saskatoon, the setting is one of a kind.  For the first time ever, this event will feature Champ Class powerboats from the CHAMP tour, the pinnacle of racing in North America and the only Canadian stop on the calendar.  In order to highlight our world-class venue, better host these superior races, and showcase Saskatoon and Saskatchewan to the world, a significantly enhanced six-day festival is planned for 2004 ? The Great Northern RiverFest.  Our goal is to make this event one of the most highly recognized and revered festivals in Canada.

Get the times and dates here.



  1. yah, and your sister LOVES it when those boats are on the river by her house!

  2. Oh yeah, she gets baggy eyed and cranky!!

    Gonna be a fun weekend at her house.

    At least with the taste of Sask. going on right outside her door, she doesn't have to prepare meals for a few days!!


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