Missed a meeting tonight

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Well, just finished a very cool gathering. I was headed to Suddenly Seminary, but I misread the time it started, so I got there after it was over!

Most everybody had left, but there were still a few around to connect with. Topics included were, where we were from, why we blog, being to old to dance, what God's doing in these new ideas and places today, and uh, who is us.

We met in Boaz Lounge, somewhere on a server probably located in the UK. There were people there from London, Texas, The Netherlands, Canada, etc.

Afterwards, we went over to another guys place for mochas.

These places have huge potential for connection. I will be watching to see how they develop and grow.

At the Boaz Lounge.







Later, sipping Mochas at a very happening apartment.


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  1. true ... totally true. you are NEVER too old to dance, eh?

    enjoyed meeting you at Suddenly Seminary and beyond - rock on, on the Rock!


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