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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Well, after the early morning prayer time, or maybe because of early prayer time, the rest of the day seems a blur.

A meeting with Marc, a funeral, and 29 different pieces of email sent out trying to prepare for board meetings this weekend.

Yeah, that"s right. The fourth trip in four months.

There is much work to do, and we are getting it done, so it"s not a waste of time at least.

Anyway, that"s where I"m at these days. Most of it"s fulfilling, some of it"s just filling, and sometimes I"m just full of it.

Anyway, guess who"s coming to town... Toni and Chris and Ben. Yep, all the way from the United Kingdom. They should be here in a few weeks.

So we were thinking, some of you have wanted to meet them, and us for that matter. If we came to Saskatoon for an evening and hit a bar or restaurant, would you want to hang out and connect a bit? You call it, yes/no, up to you.

And, anybody have any rich relatives who own a hotel or motel thing in Prince Albert that they would like to give us a cheap rate on? That"d be cool too.

Looks like summer is getting underway here in the great white north.

Gonna be cool to share it with a few friends.



  1. Yup! Not to the hotel, but to the get-together. :)

  2. Are you looking for a cheap rate on a hotel room for Toni and Chris or for a get together? I actually at one time had a connection with the South Hill Inn. Not anymore though unfortunately.
    And unfortunately I don't think this little Herd will be there yet. Can't wait to host a get together at the Farmhouse

  3. need dates, etc but there is probably a B&B available at 85-22nd..

    ..welcome fellow British people..we are your friends

  4. Would LOVE a meeting in toon town. Keep us posted on the details!

  5. Thanks people. We'll look forward (well I will anyway - Chris doesn't really know most of you, and is a little nervous) to meeting you.

    As for the hotel thing - we just need a straight forward simple hotel that isn't going to cost $250 a night. Suggestions (with web address?) welcome.

  6. Any thoughts on the Marlboro Inn Prince Albert
    67 - 13 Street East?

    Rates seem reasonable, relatively speaking.

  7. a "hotel that isn't going to cost $250 a night"??

    You could stay in the best room in any hotel in Prince Albert for less than half that amount, I would guess.

    I'm looking into things. The Malboro is downtown. I don't know how the hotel is (looks OK from the outside), but downtown isn't super at night.

  8. Toni: I just sent you an email with some options and rates and phone numbers and URLs...

  9. Marc - fantastic, thanks. I'll look in the morning.


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