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Friday, September 29, 2006

In a recent communication Hillary wrote:

i hate rain.
i hate the cold.
i hate being wet and cold.
i hate homework.
i hate not having any time to do it.
i hate buses.
i hate waiting for buses.
i hate waiting in the rain and cold for buses.
i hate walking into the wind and cold spitting rain that is on the verge of being snow.
i hate burning my tongue on over priced hot chocolate.

Last night I was talking with some of the other parents from church, asking them if their kids away at school had hit the, "I Hate this place" mode yet. And they replied with a rolling of the eyes. Through the tears mode, on past the homesick mode and well into the anger mode, with side trips back through tears and homesick just for old times sake. I guess it is a normal condition.

It sent me back to my first year away at college at 18. I traveled 12 hours west and north, and on the same day, my parents moved 35 hours east. To say I was homesick would be a huge understatement. Not only was I away from home, but my home had up and moved. Except for that dorm room, I was effectively homeless. Gross.

But I was determined. Besides, getting to where my parents lived was a physical impossibility. So I stuck with it, made a few good friends, and began to create a life for myself.

No, it was far, far from easy. But the things I learned then, about myself and life in general, have been a bedrock for my life.

And I am grateful for them.

Now, to let my children lay foundations too.


  1. This was really good to read Randall, thankyou :-)

  2. Hang in there Nikita, it will get better.

    Just keep hangin on to Jesus.


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