Thursday, September 28, 2006
hmm, seems like they couldn't keep the groups separated by ethnicity. To bad. That would have been very interesting.


  1. Yeah, I heard two of CBS' major advertisers pulled out because of the separation. I decided to miss this season and so far I'm not missing it.

  2. Probably just a gimmick for getting viewers this year. The fact that they dropped this just three weeks into it would seem to prove it was just a ploy.

  3. The whole season is taped in advance, of course, so this is obviously always what Burnett had in mind, but they're still segregated into white/Asian and Hispanic/black groups -- not full integration.

    Ratings have been down, which means the whole thing is backfiring anyhow. I think it was a pretty idiotic stab at controversy -- but any press is good press, yeah? Unless it finally does your show in.


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