Night falls

Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Tonight because a large number of our group was away, we cancelled our small group meeting. That allowed me to do some homework on this pile of work gathering around my feet, or should I say my waist.

This low grade flu thing is just getting so old, and Lauralea continues to cough and choke and sputter, even after ten days. I am so tired, but sleep seems to run from me when I try to catch up with it.

Such a strange Autumn here. Sickness in body and spirit, day after day, night by night, it lingers.
Tonight in my homework I came upon this blessing. I"ll take it for myself and offer it up to you too.

Be blessed, and get some rest. I will.
May the love of God watch over you;
May the peace of Christ fill your heart;
May the presence of the Holy Spirit fill your sleep,
and speak in your dreams.



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