Retreated out.

Thursday, October 05, 2006
Well, we are back from retreat. We got in early this morning.

The proverbial “They”? would say that a change is as good as a rest. I"m not really sure that is the truth at all, and after this weekend that"s the direction I"m leaning in.

Most of the problem was health related. Lauralea got sicker and sicker, and I kinda tagged along, trying to keep up with her.

For her, the cold moved from the front of her head, into her throat, down into her lungs, back up in a detour through the front of her face again, and has seemed to settle in her chest. And how lovely it was to be kept up to date on the present location of it...


But, like she is want to do, deny deny deny, and it won"t be happening to you.

Tuesday afternoon during some free time we dragged ourselves over to Banff and took some pics. During lunch we were hanging out with some old friends, getting to know some new ones. We found a great all pasta place in Canmore and we just connected for a while. That was good.

Then for supper we hung out with some friends from Winnipeg. They are on staff at the Winnipeg Covenant Church now, (The whole staff there is under 24!). It was amazing to see what these guys have grown into. Very cool indeed.

The sessions were well done, by excellent people. But given the general health of the population, I think most people were running at half speed.

Yesterday we wanted desperately to get home earlier, so we left as early as we could. Then we traveled back to get Lauralea"s forgotten purse. Road repairs in Calgary slowed us for an hour, then we stopped to buy a book, a few donuts, and a run to the Zellers Pharmacy for a drug top up.

By the time we got to Saskatoon, we were able to drive Hillary home from her night class at 10 PM, and we pulled into town around 1 am or so.

Today I have retreat hangover and Lauralea is in bed, trying to get better for her night class tonight.

A change is as good as a rest? Nope, not always.

It"s good to be home.


  1. Routine can be a safe comfortable place. I hope you are both feeling better.

  2. Welcome back, hopefully to better health.

  3. Wow. Sounds like quite a trip. Glad your home.


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