Abby Way Covenant Church

Friday, November 24, 2006
I've been following this church start-up since it began in summer, and I am kind of attracted to it.
It's trying things in a very different manner, which I kinda like.
"Abbey Way's model of community centers in shared spiritual practices and corporate rhythms versus programs or events. With less energy put into developing and maintaining a wide range of ministry opportunities, more time is freed up to be together as a community of faith, sharing common life through meals, prayer, study, and play, while releasing people in mission within the context of their neighborhoods and workplaces. We desire to create a way of living the Gospel life together that will sustain and nurture each person in and out of every season."

You think that's a different approach, check out their outreach program:
In February 2007, once Abbey Way is past the initial six month closed core experience, on the fourth Sunday of each month, our worship will be open for what we are calling Guest House Sunday.

Opening the doors of the worship gathering on a limited basis each month to those outside of the committed core will help sustain the life of the community while providing a place for people to discern if Abbey Way could be home for them also.

Way to go for having the courage to try something different. I don't think they would be able to get this church planting model past allot of denominational boards, but they seem to be well under way down in Minneapolis.
Check out their website here.


  1. Interesting model. I have mixed feelings about the "closed core" restriction for the first several months before opening up one Sunday a month to guests. It might be perceived as an exclusive "club".

    However it's my understanding that the early Christian church was restrictive, with worship being for the believers only. New converts were made in the marketplace, and were discipled before joining the believers in worship and communion. Somewhat different than the modern "seeker friendly" model.

  2. Jan here...

    Thanks for posting about our little but growing community. I am amazed each day at how God is so very present to us, helping us find our way.

    About the six month closed core...It is pretty common in church development to do core development before opening the doors to new people. The unusal thing about Abbey Way is that I did six months of inviting people and clarifying the model so people could know what they were saying yes to before actually beginning the meeting phase of core development process.

    The ECC has been wonderful in allowing me time to develop, define and now live into a different model for doing church. It was actually their suggestion to do it this way to see if the model would catch. I am happy to report, I think it has. : ) More learning ahead!

  3. Hey Jan, thanks for dropping by.

    Some time I'm going to bug you for a deeper conversation about this new endeavor. Looks really very interesting.

    Blessings on you and the church that gathers there.


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