Hmm, Don't know if I like that

at all.


  1. Yeah, it looks a little goofy or something.

    Is that a mirror on a ceiling?

  2. Now THAT'S a smiling picture of Randall! And this would be the reason behind the serious looks!?

    Go with it. It makes us smile too.

    : )

  3. I think you need to take your picture over again....and this time, could you please wear a long sleeved sweater. It makes me cold looking at you with that huge snow bank up there atop your page..........although in the summer you had your pic wearing a sweater and I didn't complain, did I???? Some people (like me) ya' just can't just ignore me........

  4. I rate it two thumbs up.

  5. Boy, aren't I the negative one?

    "Goofy" isn't necessarily a negative term (unless you're in the prison system), but I'm sure Randall has had better pictures taken of him.

    It's certainly fun, in any event.

  6. It made me laugh! And I needed a good laugh!


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