It's Beginning To Sound A Lot Like Christmas

Sunday, November 05, 2006
It was after eight pm when I pulled into the Kindersley A&W to get a burger and rootbeer for my supper on the road. It was cold and dark outside, so I picked up pace and entered the somewhat retro burger joint.

I turned left inside the door knowing the way to the boys room from my past experiences there.

The men's room was surprisingly clean and I quickly got positioned in front of the only urinal in the place.

And then came a surreal moment. The speaker secured in the ceiling began to play, "Jingle bells." That was followed by "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas."

I think I was frozen in time, because it didn't take me two songs to take care of business. I was in some level of shock and unbelief.

The time of Christmas tunes coming at us around every turn has arrived.

I was surprised, and a bit nostalgic, and I started humming along.

But then I realized that it means we have two solid months of this stuff coming at us now.

And I'm not sure I'm ready for that.


  1. Oh man. It really does seem early this year doesn't it? And now comes the fight against the temptation to start Christmas at home.

    But if it goes on for two months, it loses some of it's specialness, doesn't it? It becomes ho-hum, normal. By the time Christmas actually rolls around you're thinking, "All right already. Let's get Christmas over with so I don't have to look at any more tinsel or hear any more jingle bells."

    It's a shame really, because I love Christmas, even the 'secular' part of it: the music, the decorations, the warmness (but not the rabid consumerism).

    But that's the way our society works, isn't it? Overdo something until it dies.

    Maybe that would be a good thing.

  2. No where in my wildes dreams have I ever wanted this vision in my head with reguards to a pastor, or anyone else for that matter. But, still, I know the feeling. I know people who start sing it in August. Personally I just avoid it all as much as possible (that can be a mental trick more than anything) until I'm ready for it. You know change the radio channel, hide the CDs, leave the room when others start singing, or sing something louder than the music playing in the store! (Just kidding about the last one. I wouldn't want to be ban from the store, completely. ) Just don't focus on it that completely. It's like being in a flower garden in the dark. Little bits of it will reach you, but you fail to get the full view unless you go out in the day light.

    Just relax and remember - even Scrooge enjoyed Christmas Day after the sun came up. That and get some good ear plugs.

  3. Glad you made it back OK.

    Somehow, using a urinal when the first christmas music hits seems completely appropriate.

  4. So, you could only hold on until Kindersley.

  5. Ya, well, I'm one of those August people M.E. is referring to and nothing on God's green/white earth can deter me;-) "I'm dreaming of a whiiiiiiite Christmas, just like the ones I used to know....where the treetops glisten and children heeeeeear sleigh bells in the snow"......I'm singing........can't stop me........

  6. I love Christmas fiercely, but have been pondering myself how early the retailers start Christmas festivities.

    It would show a lot of respect to our veterans if they waited until after Nov 11 to start it full tilt...not to mention Christmas might seem more special and less prolonged by limiting it to 6 weeks. ;)

  7. Oh my goodness, I am laughing out loud....

    The decorations are up in our shopping malls this week, although no music has started playing, YET!!

    I was standing at the counter at the Pharmaprix the other night and my friend Kathy is behind the counter - and down the aisle from the pharmacy is the "christmas item" stuff, where they have those motion detector singing Christmas trees, someone had tripped the detector because all of a sudden we heard "Jingle Bells" and for a moment we were transfixed as to where that sound was coming from, I think we were all in shock actually!!

    Thanks I needed a laugh after a long day...



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