My wife used to be hot...

Monday, November 27, 2006
So hot that she would wear a spring wind breaker all winter long, even at -30C, she was warm. And I at her side would be wearing a heavy wool coat with my fur collar up over my ears and face, and a red scarf wrapped around it all.

How embarrassing. How unmanly.

But this year, probably due to diabetes, and significant weight loss, she's cold. Always cold. (well not always, but you know...) And more and more I look like less of a freak when I stand beside her, which is good cause I hate looking like a shivering mass of humanity.

And it seems ok to her to have the temperature above freezing in the house this winter too. Which is what I like.

So yeah, we've been together for 21 years and we are getting more and more alike with each passing year.

That's probably another good reason to stick with the one you're with.

But, if she ever shows up at home with matching sweaters or velour track suits, I don't care what anyone says, she's out the door. Hot or not.


  1. How fickle! I think a velour track suit would be so - uh, just can't think of quite the right term. It would set you apart among pastors. It would be an outward sign of such devotion.

    None of us would acknowledge you on the street, mind you.


  2. That is, I mean, devotion to your wife.

  3. My wife is so generous when it comes to my cold bloodedness. I am glad that I can have the heat a bit higher and not cook her out of our home.


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