Reason #3862 for why blogging is cool

Thursday, November 23, 2006
People from newspapers call you to interview you and ask you questions about Blogging in Saskatchewan.

It's always nice to be listened to.

If you live near Regina, watch the Leader-Post next week for Karen Brownlee's write up on Blogging in the great rectangle province.


  1. randall,

    why is it so important that the older people of our church who by the way are the elders of the church and should be respected by the younger members of the chuch have to change their values !
    You knew nine yrs ago that the majority of the church was of older people than youself when you accepted the call to this church. I think that you are not respecting these people and that is wrong! I mean you have 40 good yrs ahead of you they don't. I don't see the big problem in singing the old hymns and wearing a tie. I'm in my late fortys and i have no problems singing the old hymns. If it real bothers you that much, get some hear plugs, but let the older generation whorship their last yrs the way they want and stop fighting them about it.
    Someday you'll have the let's drink beer and sing our hymns church you been dreaming and talking about so much!

    sandy wickett

  2. I think you missed the point of Randall's post, Sandy. It's not about "singing hymns" or "wearing ties", but about being transformed as followers of Christ. That transformation doesn't show in churches very often, especially when we spend our time quibbling over superficialities.

    It may have been more prudent to approach Randall in person or by email rather than chastising him in public. Respect goes both ways.

  3. Also, if I'm not mistaken, this is reason #3864 why blogging is not cool. (I've taken reason #3863 for one of my own posts.)

  4. Sorry. One more thing: a third option would be to fill in the leadership evaluation forms available at the church.

  5. Sandy;

    Why is it important that people of the church change their values? Well, if their values are "stuff before people," or "a job comes before God," then they do need to change their values, because their values are upside down.

    By encouraging transformation in the church, I'm not talking about changing things like what you wear or eat or listen to. I am talking about life change. Darkness to light, night to day kinds of heart things.

    We want to encourage change in peoples lives, not in their personal taste, and most if not all of the people who attend Gateway desire to see just that; people with changed lives because they have met Jesus.

    I don't know anyone here who would want me to wear a tie if it would offend someone searching for God. That's just personal taste, and as I said, in the grand scheme of God changing people's hearts and lives, a tie matters not. They do not hate me for not wearing a tie, but they are sometimes frustrated when I don't wear one. (Which is also why I do wear one many times, for them! and its why we sing old hymns of our faith each Sunday)

    And I think it would be a greater disrespect if I left them thinking that fads like ties or certain music are as critical to issues of faith, as is being transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.

    As I said, we love it here, and we love the people. What I posted was not critical of this church. It was about how church needs to continue to grow in Christ, allowing and encouraging people to be transformed by his presence in them. And that it only hurts us and distracts spiritually searching people when we get busy pushing fad-ish agendas.

    If you really are concerned about this I would be glad to meet with you and talk about it. Or if you prefer, feel free to email me, and we can communicate that way.

    and yeah, this probably has more to do with reasons Blogging is not cool, than anything else.


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