Your basic difference between Toronto and Prince Albert

Saturday, November 25, 2006
I used to live just south of Torona and on the occasions when I would venture into the Center, or should I say Centre of the Universe, I would find it quite easy to get caught up in the pace of life and activity that they enjoy.

Now I live in the relatively unheard of climes of Prince Albert, where the pace of life is simply slower. We love this city, but today I did have to bite my tongue when I got caught behind a very elderly small lady shuffling a cart down the cheese isle at Safeway.»? But I digress.

I think I have discovered the basic reason for the differences between Toronto and Prince Albert.

View the charted evidence below:

Here is a map of Prince Albert with it's Starbucks clearly identified.

And here is a map of Toronto with it's Starbucks identified:

Need I say more?

I thought not.


  1. To say nothing of Tim Horton's....

  2. Lol :D

    You have Safeway's? Wow that I didn't know!

  3. I did not realize that PA had a Starbucks. My friend Arleen will be thrilled (she lives at Christopher Lake).

  4. Angie: the Starbucks just opened this week.

  5. So PA has started sliding downhill too? Guess you could only hold off coffee-blight for so long.


  6. Who on earth would even get excited over Starbucks??? I'm no connoisseure, for sure, but give me a Timmy's any day.

  7. I think I'm with you, Sharon.

  8. Hey I think we are all forgeting what makes PA so special...the 12 fast food retaurants, including Subway & pita places - 3, plus pizza places that would be 12. So fast food in total is about 27 places for 40,000 people.

    Man that makes me want to stick around.

  9. Well..what d'ya know. I thoight you guys only had the Bison or the Esso station for coffee. ;)

    You're burgoning!


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