European Vacation

Thursday, December 07, 2006
Tonight, in just a couple of hours, Johanna and Nate will be returning to Switzerland from their European Vacation.

They will have seen Zurich, Munich, Paris, La Spezia, Rome, Florence, Venice, and each other.

Already from the first day they will have been keenly aware that they would eventually part company for a large portion of the coming year.

Now that day is closer than ever.

I hope God hears their prayers.


  1. In matters of being apart, to date I would say He most definately does.

  2. Hello Randall--I've read through some of your older entries and have linked to you at my regular blog (I have 10). My Canadian category is just getting started, so that's where I put you. Stop by for a look.

    I also blog about church and Christian concerns at so you could turn up there too. A 2-fer.


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