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Friday, December 29, 2006
I really don't think I could give words to this Christmas any better than Lauralea did, so I shall direct your attention there.

Except to say thank you to those of you who sent cards and emails and called us. This Christmas was considerably different than any other in my 43 years, because Dad was not there, and because Johanna was not there. All in all it was good, and that's a bit more than I expected out of it all.

My Christmas gifts certainly held a "spiritual" theme this year, well, mostly. Lauralea made me my own Celtic Cross, (I do like to take credit for her cross creations as I was the original person who asked her for one.) Hillary made me a set of hand made prayer beads, which I'll have to learn to use. Thomas got me the DVD, The Island, which I loved the first time I saw it. Micah got me a container full of my favourite candy and four rolls of electrical tape which Thomas is always stealing from me. My sister in law got me a new socket set which I have been in need of since mine was stolen from the van. And I got to talk with Johanna on Christmas Day which was a treat.

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