I am tired.

Sunday, December 03, 2006
It's 9:50 pm and I am done for this day. Tired would be an understatement.

A full and good morning, then this evening was our Family Advent Concert where anyone and everyone can get up in front of the church and sing or play a song or do a reading, whatever. It was a really good evening.

For the first time ever, Lauralea and I sang a song together. We tackled "O du fröhliche," and it sounded good. Funny that I've been up in front of people for 20 years and my knees still get week and palms sweaty when I stand in front of a crowd to sing.

Thomas and Brittany were the hosts for the evening,

And Micah did a reading.

(I should report that the ties were the guys ideas, not mine.)

Anyway, like I reported to the half interested reader, I am tired and off to bed.



  1. Ya, you guys did great! I really enjoyed it.

  2. There must have been a problem with the sound system, I couldn't make out a single word of your song. Except for the word "O" that is.


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