Modern technology meets my need for good soup

Tuesday, December 05, 2006
See, there are things like this that make me go, "This is what the Internet was made for!"

Laura down at the Bison Cafe is now blogging on the Cafe site. The one daily thing she is planning to keep updated is the soup of the day.

Now, this isn't just any soup, this is great soup that is your whole meal right there in a bowl. Think of the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld, and remove the Nazi part, and you can get a sense of the beauty of this soup.

Usually I can plead ignorance and I don't go downtown for the soup.

But now my excuses are gone.

So, if you live and breathe in P.A. now you will know what soup they are serving down at the Bison Cafe, and probably a little bit about what's happening downtown on any given day.

Check them out, virtually and in person.


  1. We'll have to go down for a bowl of soup sometime, as long as it is not split pea or tomato. There is nothing like a good bowl of homemade soup.


  2. I'm with ya on the split pea thing, but I can definitely do a cream of tomato!!

    Call me anytime.

  3. hey! just think, in a week i'll be home and then you can take me out for soup too!!!

  4. I was at the Bison Cafe (they of the very well-designed website) this morning. Didn't try the soup, but the dark roast "Cafe Amore" was tasty.


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