Tobogganing on the Internet

Ok, so the Christmas spirit has your office in it's laissez-faire grip and anyway after the office party the productivity in the place is totally gone down the crapper. What to do, what to do.

Well, thanks to Angie and her two cents worth, you now have an activity that can while away the hours.

Line Rider.

An online, create a downhill slope, watch the toboggan rider try it and see how well you created the slope, game.

And for some very cool ideas, check out the clips from other peoples designs, especially the last one. Sweet.

Be careful, if you have addiction issues this baby could be dangerous to your health.

And thanks Angie for making this Christmas season just a bit more complete.


  1. Be prepared for some giggles with this program. I've heard some great ones from Angie while she was playing and some ooo's & ahhh's from myself from the incredible landings and wipeouts. It certainly gives you the feeling of movement. hehehe

    In the past I have had things like this get removed from the net before I grew tired of them so I started saving them to my hard drive for future play and savingit will allow you to have full screen size. Here is the link to go to then choose File>Save As... to save it to your hard drive in case it disappears from the net.

  2. It may be sad but there is a certain amount of satisfaction in landing a roll.

  3. Hey thanks Jay, cool hint.

    and yes it does give a great deal of satisfaction making it work!!

  4. I think I have finally found my true talent. I have made some super flukey-should-have-wiped-out landings on that program. Haha! :)

  5. Cool! What a fun game. If you make him jump into nothingness, he just keeps flying through the air. Hee hee


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