Wal-Mart open round the clock

Tuesday, December 12, 2006
The Daily Herald is announcing that:
To accommodate last-minute holiday shoppers,
the local Wal-Mart store will keep its doors open
around the clock the week before Christmas.
Last year, Wal-Mart Canada did a pilot project
where it kept nine stores open for 72 hours
The success of that project prompted the company
to try the idea again this holiday season.
Fifty-one Wal-Mart stores will remain open for
up to 144 hours straight.

At last! Now I can finally ignore my inner impulses for me to stop as I near exhaustion and sleep, and instead go shopping at 3am.

What a blessing.


  1. So your remaining sever or so sleeps could become none. That would ensure exhaustion but just think of the things you could get!

  2. i thought it was bad enough being open from 7 am to midnite.

  3. Maybe I'll go at 3a.m. just to say that I did it.


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