Akine Kramarik. Child Prodigy.

Friday, January 05, 2007
Good grief, talk about overachieving.

This 12 year old girl, Akiane Kramarik, seems to be gifted. Certainly beyond her years.

(Trust me. I have a twelve year old at home and he... well, he does have a website too...)

She paints amazing pictures, does a bit of poetry and like that.

She indicates that at the age of four she had a "Spiritual experience" in which she was taken up into heaven. Things haven't been the same since, for her or her previously atheistic family.

She tells a bit of her story here. Click on the "Questions and Answers" link
I love her pictures the best.

Simply amazing.


  1. Speaking of which, you've gotta check out this twelve year old's talent -- I saw her singing on The National last night, and she's amazing. Think Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin in a 12 year old little girl. Too cool!

  2. Where are you that you have snow? It's 71 degrees in CT right now! Happy January. LOL

  3. Kim, I'm in Prince Albert Saskatchewan!!

    what I'd give for some 71F's, or hey, who am I kidding, I'd take a 65 any day.


  4. Yes Nikki is very tallented, but she it is not like Akiane. Everything Akiane does is about God.


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