Dear Mr. Gormley,

You do seem to make it cool to be a blogger.

I don"t know if it"s a good thing or not but since you mentioned my blog on the air yesterday it"s been affirmation central around here.

You see most of the general public doesn"t always get what I"m on about when I say I Blog.

“You blob?”? they respond, then add, “Well if you got more exercise you"d feel better about yourself.”?

Yeah thanks.

And so I"ve resorted to telling aging family members or the people in church that I write stories, on the computer.

Sometimes they roll their eyes, sometimes they go read it to see if I"m telling secrets about them. But mostly they just smile and nod their heads and proceed to tell me about how they enjoy the Internet because they can find out what the weather is, really quickly.

Then came yesterday, and you mentioned on the air. They were driving in their cars or having coffee around the table, but they heard you say blog,, and good, in the same sentence, and suddenly all was well with the world wide web.

The excited calls and emails started to come in shortly after. Some of them were in the tone of “I don"t know what all this blobbing is about, but if Gormley says its ok, then its ok by me.”?»? You"ve been able to do in a moment what I"ve been trying to do for five years.

So thanks for the plug, and thanks for making my life easier.

My mother"s never been prouder.


Randall Friesen .com


  1. I have to tell my Grandmas about being on the air too. Maybe they'll want to read it then :-)

  2. F I N A L L Y......... I actually know a celebrity.

  3. Yeah, not JUST a celebrity but "one of the key players" of the blogosphere here in Saskatchewan. Would you autograph my mousepad? Keep up the good work!

  4. Way to go Randall! I know what you mean about the difficulty of attracting traffic. But the fact is that you have a quality, authentic, and interesting site here and that is why you deserve the traffic and loyalty of readers you have! :)

  5. "What's that you say honey? You're on the blob? OK, we can wait till next week".


    I repeatedly thank my off-colour sense of humour for saving me from sitting through endless eldership and leaders meetings. Fame really couldn't happen to a nicer guy though.


  6. Hey along with your fame you have brought along all the little people because he sent out a huge plug for GCC as well. Do you think the pews will be overflowing on Sunday trying to get a look at "The Blogger"

  7. Peg;

    Well, I kinda doubt it. But interestingly enough, this Sunday we are welcoming two people into membership who first met me as a result of the Blog.

    And while it's nice and all, it really isn't a great way to enlarge a congregation. I mean procreation will have the same enlarging effect, and be way more fun.


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