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Monday, January 29, 2007
Today we had to re-do our mortgage again. We chose a two year term and while we were in the bank I observed out loud, that last year our interest rate was around 5.4% and this year it looked like it was to be 6.7%.

"One moment," she said, and reworked her numbers and announced that she could bring it down to 5.7% and would we like that?

"No, may I please pay the higher amount?" I thought.
"Yes that would be agreeable." We spoke out loud.


  1. Mmmm... Mortgages. Interest rates. What a nice way to end the day... Now I'm sure to have sweet dreams.

    Thanks Randall. :)

    (And you know I'm serious!)

  2. Yes I do know you are serious!

    and you are welcome.

    sleep tight.


  3. Our broker just got us a fixed 5 year 5.1%. I'm pleased with that since longer fixed terms are usually higher.

  4. Back when we were new homeowners, it took us a couple of terms before we clued into the fact that banks are willing to negotiate their mortgage rates. I hate to think of the extra money that we paid in higher than necessary interest rates. Unfortunately our bank doesn't offer us its best rates voluntarily, they wait until we mention that we've made some enquiries with their competitors.


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