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Friday, February 02, 2007
Yesterday the lovely mrs.randallfriesen.com (Lauralea.ca) reminded me that next week is teacher appreciation week at ole PMS. And no I'm not talking about a school for hormonally challenged angry/sad/could care less, young women. I'm talking about Princess Margaret School, the grade school our children have attended, and yes sometimes the acronym did fit.

Anyway, Lauralea is high up in the PTA at PMS and since it's TAW they try to do nice things for the teachers. So next week the parents are taking over recess supervision duties.

The opportunity to finally be the boss of the school ground quickly overtook me and I offered to do one day of recess. I asked if I would get a badge, which was what I really wanted. She replied no.

"Then how will the kids know to do what I tell them to do?" I begged? And she made up some drivel about the kids seeing my hulking foreboding figure and imagining them doing whatever I asked them to do.

She doesn't understand, I was this tall in grade school and nobody listened to me. I mean maybe it was because I couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time, but they didn't respect my size then and I doubt they will now.

And what does she know of size anyway. She of the 4 foot, 10 inch height who wears size five shoes with four inch heels on them. She's able to look into the kids eyes and smile and laugh with them and they will follow her anywhere. Badge-less.

Maybe I can buy off a tough little group of enforcers with marbles who will do my bidding for me and assist me in my domination of the PMS playground for those 15 minutes.

15 minutes of absolute power. Mmmmmmmwwwwaahhhhhhhhh.

So next Wednesday at 10:15 if you're driving past PMS, honk if you love world domination.


  1. Apparently I am goin' back with a day's worth of snacks...yeah that sounds waaay more attractive.
    I hope it's not -35 with a wind - they keep all the littluns 'inside' when it's that cold. The words 'tough' and 'power' will not be in THAT equation. Anywhere.
    Good luck with that then!

  2. Hey, bring on the -35 cause then I turn into "When I was your age" man.

    Barefoot, two miles to school, snow up to my nose. You get the picture.

    I've got plenty of that stuff stored up.

  3. I think you would do better with a badge.

  4. Once again, your printed diabolical laughter needs some work. As it stands, it sound more like you've just been skewered by a spear, or possibly about skewer someone else (which may not be that far from the truth). That or a vocalized kiss.

    Skewered/skewering/vocalized kiss: "Mmmmmmmwwwwaahhhhhhhhh"

    Diabolical laughter: MUWAH HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (or something along those lines. The "Mu" or possibly just "Mwa" and the separate "Ha"s are key.)

    Don't misunderstand me: your post is otherwise diabolical. It's just the laugh, which came off weak.

  5. You know, I just have a lot of trouble with the whole diabolical laughter thing. And I recognize some work is required.

    Maybe you could print up some Diabolical Laughter Flash Cards to help me practice throughout the day. That would be a great help.


    nope, that's not it....




    ok, I think I'm getting worse.

    I think I could use a tutor.

  6. Missed your last comment as I was writing mine. Practice makes perfect. I'll start working on the flash cards tonight.

  7. Randall - I don't believe you have an 'evil world domination' bone in your body. However I could coach you in smutty chuckles.


    Marc has, unfortunately, made me think of this character http://www.insomniacslounge.com/uploaded_images/goldmember-739926.jpg

  8. Well Toni, that's where my head was at when i wrote the response!


    Those Dutch.

  9. :-)

    Of course, let's not forget that Austin is himself British---I'm not sure which is better!


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