kicking a hole in the darkness...

...till it bleeds daylight.»?

Well, I have arrived safe and sound at Strathmore Alberta, home of Covenant Bible College.
And as the casual reader last week may be aware, it seems that this present model of ministry and disciple making is just not going to make it. So we are closing down.

I am here simply to listen and to pray with people, to sit with them and mourn a bit with them. And so far it's been busy work. Lots of opportunity to care.

And again how impressed am I with the caliber of people here. From the cooks to the handyman to the money people and faculty, they are without a doubt a solid, good bunch of people that God has led here for such a time as this.

And it seems we are finishing strong, doing well what we"ve been doing for some 66 years and that is making disciples of Christ. This class is learning and growing, hungry for change in their own lives.

Which is another reason we may ask why? Why are we finishing at the top of our game? Why can"t we make this work? Why.

While I am struggling to use the language, “This is God"s will,”? I am confident of the fact that he knows the front from the back, the beginning from the ending of our time, and that he is able to make all grace abound to us.

And so he shall. He"s in the business of making old things new, and dead things come back to life.

I don"t know what this looks like in three years, but I do know that He will still be God and we will be people with eternity in our hearts. There will probably be another way that has arisen for us to disciple our kids, and we will look back at this season as an important time in the process of making good things better. And better things excellent.



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