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Saturday, February 03, 2007
I've been loving the Sirius Satellite Radio this week, let me tell you.

As we head into this violent Bears crushing Colts weekend otherwise known as Superbowl Weekend, it has been a pleasure indeed to be able to listen to sports radio. And with Sirius, I have options of ESPN Radio, ESPN News, Hardcore Sports, Sirius Sports Action, and a few others. But the one I've been loving this week has been Sirius NFL Radio.

They've been down in Miami all week, bringing the interviews and news and updates and, well all things superbowl. It's been great.

And now, fully BS-ed with all the sporting clichés like

You win as a team, you lose as a team.
Turnovers will be the key.
The intangibles will be the key.
It"s gonna be a war out there.
It's going to be a battle of the titans.
On any given day any team is capable of beating another team.
Good teams get better down the stretch.
They have to play with their ears pinned back.
And my personal favourite, The road to the Super Bowl goes through Miami.

Well Duh.

Anyway, here in the Great White North where Sports Radio hasn't been invented yet, God said Let there be Satellite Radio, and it was and it was so good. Just another one of those things I'm thankful for.

Now bring on The Game, the Match of Titans, the Bowl of Supers, the Game of the Year, let's get this party started. Lets see the Bears take it to the Colts, cause that's what a bear does to a baby horse.

Lets get out the snacks and party foods and have friends over and grunt and adjust ourselves have an evening to remember.

Course, again this year I think I'll be watching the game alone.

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