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Saturday, February 10, 2007
What creative genius was it who thought, “Hmm, wouldn"t it be wonderful if our hair could smell of fruit?”? And went on to change the scent of shampoo to that of fruit. Not just any good fruit either but rotting fruit.

Then, somebody else though it would be wonderful if our cleaning supplies would smell of fruit too. I mean, you don"t like the look of a dirty table with fruit smeared all over the place left over from supper? Well just clean it with dishsoap that smells like, like watermelon and muskmelon, yeah that would be lovely right?


If I wanted my dishes smelling of fruit, I wouldn"t wash them.
If I wanted my head to smell of rotting fruit I wouldn"t hesitate to pour coconut milk on my head, or take out some apple and melon and banana and mash em up in a bowl and let it sit on the counter for 5 days, then soak my head in it. I think then I would get close to some of the shampoos I tested at the store today.

At least they haven"t yet come up with shampoo that smells of apple and cinnamon.
I think that could send me round the bend for sure.


  1. You mean you want your dishwashing liquid to smell like - umm - soap. How bizarre.

  2. I'll agree with you on the shampoo Randall, but I love our melon & cucumber dish soap. The smell while washing is almost like a guilt free dessert.

  3. Mmmmm... I love smelling like fruit. I love my laundry to smell like fruit and my dishes. Yum. Fruity.

  4. You know, I remember once I went into a men's wash room in a Chinese restaurant in Winnipeg and it smelled of sour cherries.

    I mean, it smelled wonderful and even though I was long since done my work at the urinal, I lingered a while, just enjoying the scent of cherries in that place. I remember thinking I wish I could take this smell home with me. It's so, gorgeous. I would love to live in a room that smelled of cherries.

    I think my problem is more with the concoctions they come up with.

    I mean, Melon and Cucumber dishsoap???? Hair that smells of Coconut?? When everybody knows that the coconut smell is reserved for suntan lotion. I don't want no suntan lotion on my head.

    And the mixed fruits always smell to me of rotting fruit. "It KINDA smells like strawberry and kiwi, but it really smells more of strawberry and kiwi that's been left in the sun too long."

    Now, some good smells like Sour Cherries or Peach or Tangerines, that's something I could respect and use.

    Course, then you know I'd want to taste it, right?


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